Gentle and Effective Treatment for Infected Teeth

If you need a root canal treatment, chances are you skipped your regular checkup and ignored the early warning signs of a cavity. When tooth decay only affects the enamel, or hard outer layer, of the tooth, you may notice few or no symptoms at all. However, once a cavity has infiltrated the dentin of the tooth, which is connected to nerves, you will begin to feel sensitivity and pain. Unfortunately, tooth issues do not heal themselves the way some other health conditions can. If you ignore your tooth pain, the decay will work its way into the soft center of the tooth called the pulp, which houses nerves and other tissues that help nourish the tooth. Once the inner canals of the teeth are exposed, you will experience severe pain and develop an infection. The only way to treat the infection, relieve your pain, and save your tooth is to perform a root canal procedure. Contrary to popular belief, this treatment is no more painful than placing a filling and is far more comfortable than living with the pain of an infected tooth. With the use of a local anesthetic to numb the area around your tooth—and a little something more to help you relax if necessary— At Rotunda Dental, your dentist will gently and precisely remove the infected tissues and restore your tooth function.

The Root Canal Procedure

Our compassionate team is committed to putting you at ease throughout your root canal treatment. Many patients find that a local anesthetic is all they need to tolerate the procedure, but for more anxious patients, we can prescribe an oral sedative to help you relax. With oral sedation, you will still be conscious, but you will probably remember very little about your procedure, and many patients like it that way! After ensuring that you are completely relaxed and your tooth is numb, your dentist at Rotunda Dental will create an opening in the tooth to access the infected tissues in the center. With the utmost precision, your dentist will remove the tooth pulp, along with any infection or debris therein, and seal off the tooth with medication and a filling. Your tooth may be topped off with a dental crown to provide extra strength and protection.

Saving a Tooth From Extraction

A root canal is actually a conservative procedure when compared to the alternative. If you allow your infection to progress, a tooth extraction may be your only option. A missing tooth creates a host of issues, including the possibility of damaging remaining teeth and the loss of jawbone tissue. To help prevent these problems, an expensive tooth prosthetic, such as a dental implant or fixed bridge, is necessary. Maintaining as much healthy tooth structure as possible is always the goal at Rotunda Dental, as no tooth replacement method is ever as stable and secure as a natural tooth, and we always do everything in our power to help you avoid tooth extraction. Our conservative root canal procedures are one way that we help patients maintain healthy teeth for life.

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