Protect Your Mouth During Physical Activity

The American Dental Association recommends that patients of any age wear a sport mouthguard during sports or any other physical activity. Basically, you should wear a mouthguard with any activity in which you may fall or experience a blow to the face. Your dentist at Rotunda Dental will custom-fit an oral appliance that helps protect your teeth and the soft tissues of your mouth. Injuries that often occur without mouthguards include cuts to the soft tissues of the mouth, tooth breakage, and teeth being knocked out completely. Recent studies suggest that sport mouthguards may even absorb shock during a blow to the face and jaw, which in some cases can help prevent concussion.

Ideal Jaw Alignment to Improve Your Game

Your Sparks, Sacarmento, Lodi and Stockton dentist will design your sport mouthguard with your ideal jaw alignment in mind. Helping you maintain optimal balance in your jaw, your mouthguard will alleviate stress in the muscles of your jaw, face, and head, as well as the rest of your body. Muscles that are free of stress work in harmony, helping you to be on top of your game, whether you are long-distance running or engaging in a competitive sport. Patients report that the use of sport mouthguards has improved their performance by 50 percent or more, so ask your dentist Dr. at Rotunda Dental to see what a mouthguard can do to improve your game.

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